Bode George To Bisi Akande: Withdraw Your Book, Apologise To Yoruba Elders

 Chief Bode George, former deputy national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has told Chief Bisi Akande, leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and former Governor of Osun State to withdraw his newly launched book, ‘My Participation’ and also apologise to Yoruba elders openly.

“Akande must apologise openly to Yoruba elders. The attitude that he displayed is not acceptable in a civilised society. Is it his legacy to dishonour Yoruba elders?

George who spoke during a press conference on Thursday where he expressed disappointment with Akande, wondering what legacy he was leaving for the young people as a Yoruba elder.

He said, “At his age, Akande should not set his house on fire. I felt very bad as a Yoruba man and as a Nigerian. He was maligned Yoruba elders and highly respectable people in the country. He was busy giving kudos to Bola Tinubu. Baba Akande is from Osun State and Tinubu is the only man that he could single out to praise.”

The Atona Odua of Yorubaland added, “From the reaction to his book you must have heard what Baba Adebanjo said. How are we going to be regarded by others? Is that the right thing to do? Baba Akande should withdraw the book that he has authored. It is very shameful. He is older than me and I don’t expect an elderly person to behave in that manner. He must apologise to those he has offended because there is nothing wrong with saying, ‘I am sorry’ I am still feeling the negative impact of what he said in the book.

George wondered why it was only Tinubu that the former Osun State governor would praise, stressing that the former Lagos State governor has not shown good leadership having cornered Lagos State resources to himself and family members.

“Tinubu wants to be the President of Nigeria, his wife is a perpetual senator, his daughter is the Iya loja general and his son is in charge of the Lagos State signage company. He has not been able to present his educational certificates and yet he wants to be President,” he said.

Source:- Independent Ng

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