Lady Flogs Her Fiancé With Cane After She Caught Him Cheating (Photos)

 A lady has inflicted some bodily pain on her fiancée after she caught him cheating on her with another girl.

In a video shared online, a young handsome guy was receiving some severe beatings from his fiancée while her friends were present.

While whiping her man, she could be heard saying ‘what the hell is wrong with you’ and her friends told him not to hold the cane.

In reaction, flashmoney101 wrote; How can he stay for girls to be flogging him like that , girls way you go use man power for

d.pha; Any woman who depends on women pocket eventually gets dehumanised like this

media2030filmpost; Association of men need to give this guy beta beating for disgracing us. Soon other girls will be copying such act

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