Soludo Recalls His Youth While Growing Up In Fegge Onitsha: Picture

 As a Teenager, the excitement that I would spend my Christmas holiday in Fegge was unimaginable. The experience enriched my worldview to the possibility that Charley Nwa Mgbafor was made for a place beyond my prevailing circumstance.

Fegge got me dreaming. A city planned for decent humanity, with a scenery flowing from the banks of the Niger; wetting my fecund mind in the midst of material deprivation. A trip to Fegge is all that was required to give one a sense of urban aesthetics, one that is totally lost upon two generations of Fegge dwellers.

Something in me leads a daily protest — “Bring Back Fegge!”

It’s 10 days to Christmas, and the protest is swelling even deeper. Indeed, the future we seek is in our past.

CC. Soludo

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