Londoner puts up billboards to find a wife


Londoner puts up billboards to find a wife

A bachelor from West London, United Kingdom, has gone viral after he erected massive billboards in London, Birmingham and Manchester, in a desperate bid to find a wife.

Muhammad Malik, 29, also set up a website, as he begs to be ‘saved from an arranged marriage.’

The entrepreneur, who told VICE that a friend who was into marketing, presented the idea to him, has received over 1,000 applications from potential matches, since he made the announcement last week.

Speaking on the timeframe, Malik told TimeOut Magazine, “There’s definitely no timeframe. For me it was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek thing that '2022 is the year', but it doesn't have to be. I have a strong belief in predestination, that things are written and not to worry. I think it's really important to have that genuine connection with somebody because we're looking to leave a legacy behind us.” 

On his ideal first date, he said, “It might be a bit of a culture shock for people, but for me that would be to meet in a setting where it isn’t just us, but there are also family members around. That's the Islamic way to go about it - there’s always someone there as a chaperone. That would be perfect. And I'm obviously open to anything, it could be crazy golf, or literally just staying at home.”

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