Best SEO tools for beginners 2023 top SEO tool

Top Seo tools for beginners 2023

Welcome. This is a tool used by Carpenter for measurement. This is a tool used by doctors to measure the temperature of the human body known as a thermometer. Let me ask the question. As bloggers also use what tools you use for your blogging work or school work? Well, in this video, 

I'll be recommending the best MCU tools to use for your blog or website. So if you're ready, let's go. So the first tool I recommend in this room as it shifts to the surface, the global company in Singapore, which has a lot of amazing tools that online marketers, bloggers and CEOs can use to drive traffic to their website. Some of the amazing tools and issues are Site Explorer. This tool is used for checking stats on your sites and those of your competitors as well on all their futures as well. Keyword Explorer. Contents. Explorer. 

And much more. Some of the unique tools I love using the issues they link intersect to pop this tool for the link implicit to what is to help you to do this, to look for link opportunities from your competitor's sites. So for example, let's say a few of my competitors links in those boxes. I'll make sure that the job done button is focused on the domain. If you're looking for link opportunities for an exact page. Then team the dropdown button from domain to URL. After hitting on link opportunities, you can now see that all those pages that are linked to my computer's building linked to me, which in my case is quite small.

 So what I would do for me is I would then check out why the linked to them, but they didn't link to me and then engineer their strategy and then send them an outreach email. The Second Future. O'Toole I love about the issue, too, is the top pages. Reports usually show you the top pages of your competitor's sites that are getting traffic at the moment. All you do is cherry pick the ones you want and we engineer your strategy. So the second as you to I have on my list is the Google search console. This is a free to buy Google to webmasters that allows them to check if their site has any technical issues.

So if you are yet to add your domain to Google search console already have you published the link is in the description to access your search console dashboard, go to Google Search Typing Search console. It will load. Click on the first results. Click on stats. Not like a seat earlier. If you've not added your a search can see it, which is very important. Please check the description below on how to do that. So this is my search console dashboard. Some of the best futures I love using search console is this experience section which has data of pages, appearance, cold web vitals and mobile use the ability.

You can also check the link section for incoming links and outgoing links from your websites like blog. I also love this sort of mixed feedback section that allows you to contact the Google agent in case you are faced with some technical issues or you want to use the feedback to Google. 

You can also check to see if your pages have some coverage issues as well. This first section shows you more about the call with vitals issues, mobile issues, pages, fixed issues. You can view reports to understand more in case your site has some issues. The enhancement section explains more about the breadcrumbs issues. So after clicking on performance, you will be able to see key words your site is asking for. The list could be short or endless based on how old your website is, all the number of keywords you are targeting. 

So the next as you my list is the global p speed insights. This basically tells you how fast or slow your website of blog is. So if you have the slew of fast sites, you should always test it with global speed insight to see if your which is actually slow of course of this core given to you so that if you are this new website that has errors you can easily fix its with the error signals getting to you over a year. 

Our next as you choose the use as you plug in. This is one great tool for bloggers and issues as it makes you quite easy when you are creating blog posts or a blog page on the settings page, you will have several futures integrations our webmaster tools. You can also create an ex and those sites are easily submitted to search console. 

My best future is that's for example, bloggers creating the posts after installation and the completion of the plugin. You can easily set your focus keyword. You will have guides on how to optimize your pools perfectly for you. The next issue to on my list is the Eskom rush to to assess its you can go to a similar. Dot com it has its paid version. What gives you some limited use for free by be my best future?

 Here is the keyword magic tool. This is like the keyword explorer in issues are also come to our that a lot of bloggers and issues prefer using similar for keyword research and the use issues for building links. Our next issue tool is the Neil Patel tool known as Uber suggests. You can check the stats for your sites or those of a continuous site. You can input any keyword and check out his difficulty score and other metrics. You are given just three trials by the windows. 

Don't you have to wait till the next day to continue all you pay for the premium package, which is cheap. You can also see top pieces of your competitors sites and keywords. The Rank four and also the list of backlinks for free on Google suggests. If you've watched to this point of this video, you are my VIP. Thanks a lot for watching. And please, if you are yet to subscribe, please subscribe to the channel for more blogging and SUV views. Also, please leave a comment to call me if I missed any other issue too. Thanks again for watching.

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