How To Submit Website to Search Engines

How To Submit Site to Google, Bing & Yahoo

Welcome, guys. This article to go with teaching you how to submit your site to search engines. Okay.  the first thing to do is to know if your site's my yes on Google. you go to Google dotcom; you type in your domain name match. That site's my X and oh nicely under the domain name slash site's map that X Samuel.

Yeah, I'm typing in my full room's domain there and I'm putting this sites statement, but that's okay. you don't do this on Google, you do it on your browser, in your browser search.  I'll copy this out and paste its own web browser, then click enter. This is to confirm if I have your come up. So yeah, you can see how you find sites up on Google already.

There are other ways to check these so you can also visit the mining sites map underscore index dot ExxonMobil. So those are the mini slash sites up on the score index that external sites can clearly see. I have these sites my on Google. As for this particular forum, you can also use the domain names slash robots to use to see those so.  I will show you how to create your own sites easier. Go to your WordPress dashboard, click on plug ins and click on Add New. 

this is where you add new plugins to your sites, your WordPress site.  I'll click on this touch wood and type in your site. That's why OPC is a popular plug. Hammonds steals on among bloggers as well, so click on Install now. So since installing is cutting up all the files, I put them in your WordPress site.  after installing an activation button then pops up and you have to click on that button here. 

It's an important is button okay you click on it after clicking should take a second to activate to be full activities in your sites. Then it's very direct due to all the list of plugins installed on your site. Scroll down to the ending path and click on the user status as a status of a after clicking it, etc. Direct you to the user settings page. So now we on the General Settings page, you have the Dashboard Fusions implementations on all the tools we master to click on Futures, then scroll down a little to X and mill. Sites most commission dictionaries don't.

 And then click on the question mark up and click on See Full sites come up as easy as that. It would then load to a new page on your browser. Yeah, this is all you need to do now is copy the text and the text after this lesson. after his copy, did you see it?

 I'll show you what to do next. Look as I was showing you how to submit your sitemap to Google search console this in your forum. I just created names they're called you forum dot com. you go to your site where on your search console click on sites maps that's your seats and your console site. And so, you didn't land on the pieces adding these sites. My goodness, these two pieces that thinks you copied from good video and empty seats. 

Yeah. And click on submit within minutes you your site map should be on Google you. Okay. This is how to add your sights more to being outside the sights map to being. The first thing to do is to go to your Google search, show your browser and then typing Bing Webmaster Tools. You then click on and type in big. We must not lose the search, then lose the and then click on the first results you're seeing, which is being webmaster tools above. 

Then click enter. Okay. Newport includes what you do from here to click Get Started.  we have Kiwi society. Now that we're using Microsoft Method, the Google Meet or the Facebook method, are we using the Google method to sign up for signing soon as I don't want, I can't see it. Okay. I have you for my console. Yes, I'm using the Coogen DVD account to sign. Sign up. Okay. This is actually my former domain that I'm not using, so I'll click council. 

Okay. What are the sites to being with master to? They are two ways and I do it manually or imported from your Google search console.  this is adding it manually by putting in my domain name and I'll click add.  it's then loaded the new page that will teach me how I will show me how to add my this in manually. download this flow, add it to my head. But let's go for the one most people go for, which is imported from Google Search Console. 

So then click on import and then click on Continue and you are then saying sign and using my account. Now then click allow. I actually have two condominiums listed on that account. I have the KGTV room dot com and also of what, Africa. Well, since I'm the admin. Sorry, sorry, sorry about this. I'm the admin of the calling from Ohio. Right. So do I need to. And I wish we did. So then click on and click on imports. 

you have this machine that says Congratulations South Addition successful. Okay. So from you're on, have your left panel, you lift them and you click on site maps and then click on some sites map and you add your domain name when you're submitting your site's map to being is the same thing as I mean senior sites map to I also there's no reason for it to go to yellow contrasting with your sites month of I digging into seeing stuff. 

they have I think you might come in there and you should like I do your sites and I'm like the text we copied earlier on in this video got added to these please give them like I honestly like also meeting your site I think based it on a click submit. Okay. That's it for the video. Guys, if you have any questions, please let me know in the comment box below

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