Keyword Research for SEO 2023

 Keyword Research for SEO  2023

So, you must be typing on your laptop using the keyboard too, like estrus or similar to research keywords. Or you could be planning it on your whiteboard for your already researched keywords. Welcome guys to this tutorial will be teaching you how to do keyword research from beginning to end. if you're ready, let's go. Okay. Welcome back, guys.

I'll be using for this tutorial using the easiest keyword explorer. It's actually the paid version of the issues too if you don't go single zero, I've made a video already on how to get issues for like $7, the link and the description and how to do that. 

after clicking on the keyword's plural, then land on this page where I have different options and different search engines to choose from. I'll be choosing Google for this tutorial.  the next no to type in is see the keyword. Is it keyword is. Would you put in Egypt's keyboard explorer to generate a long list of keyword phrases? 

 Google resume me and I think the location is U.S. okay, so that'll land on this page. The first thing to see is I'll see the keyword difficulty. This gives me an estimate on how difficult it is for me to rank or not to run for this keyword.  I was going to say it's it is super hard. It's the ranking is from zero to hundred, zero being easy, 100 being hard. So down the volume, the CPC, the clicks, these KPIs are higher and the global volume, the equivalent tells you more about the total searches in the particular area, these girls, and more about the total search on over the globe. 

Now this other section, now the keyword ideas. I use this section for my two days for my subheadings, and then also now this position history distills about the history of how the API is play out on Google. on this last section, they have the search results itself. if you go to Google and you type in Risen me, we have the same results here. 

We're on to each of you correlate with the one you have on Google.  I'm using the issues because there's a lot of metrics to judge by.  for first, the first metric ACR, which is which stands for iShares Rank, second is the rise the demerits in the you are backlinks domains traffic.  before concealment, the first principle of doing keyword research.  keyword research isn't about a clue or about looking for opportunity keywords, awards, keywords. 

Research is about traffic, not even volumes. It's about the traffic. it's crazy if you are going to waste a lot of time in keyword research and you are not looking at the traffic column on issues, even if the volume is high. Make sure you check the traffic because it it'll make sense if you are going to waste time. I think I am writing on keywords with zero traffic.

the first principle, as I said, is keyword research is about traffic.  when you are looking on your issues, I think you research this anything you go into the make sure your eyes are on the traffic, the traffic.  like all with too much time. Okay.  after checking out the traffic of this sites, the next thing you do is they look at the age of the top-ranking sites from there. From there, you then check out their backlinks as well under referring domains. So that's cropped to see are the futures. let's kind of see. This has about 146,000 traffic. 

Okay. from now on, you can go to your left sidebar, and you'll see how a lot of keyword ideas to choose from, like the fees match the housing symptoms they also rank for.  using the phrase, imagine the second team doctor chicken nuggets. This is a click on the freezer match. This would give you a lot of keyword ideas to choose from what's considered the size of a million keywords. Like a lot more. Don't be. Don't be focused on the many keywords. 

What you need is I need to filter them out so you can think them using these options, like the key, the the volume, the global volume in order to get a better view on and be more specific on what you are targeting. So. Let's refresh our memories on what we actually did from stats. Okay, so to refresh our memories, remember I say the first thing you do, you do your typing, you see the keyboard and click on switch. You can change the location if you want to. 

Now for me, you then click on Freeze Match reports. Okay. a lot of keywords in income also being filtered out. if you're looking for a way to target low competition keywords, this is how to do it. You put the minimum zero, the maximum thing and click on apply. Okay. As you can see, this is it's now and it has reduced over 21,000, he warns. you can actually and according to Sage Williams Australia, what actually sold by the hour, sending on the order, using the key column or in column you want. So, this is the descending order. 

Clicking on to the ascending order. And that's easy as that. So okay now we've got in the key was those looks to John key was less crude down to look for all the quality keywords that were concrete targets and to be good for both our business and traffic so know this has about read it so I won't do this one is called on as good as crude on this crude on to see. what I'm doing now is I'm losing key words to target. when you are doing your research, you then analyze the next steps to analyze the keywords which targets, listen to page, to remember all these keywords, new competition keywords so low key because so is easy to rank for when you when you write on them more than just like once they've the next step is you have to check this. So now go to me well or take it as a door-to-door sales resume me, and global sales volume is 2019 according to issues. It could be more than they should. Just gives you the estimates. 

It's not really the actual figure. So then click on the self to check out the metrics of the top ten ranking keywords. So North I'm competing against. I second see.  let's start from the traffic column. You see, the traffic is easily the highest traffic. If this keyword isn't really consumed my business, I don't think I'll go states because the traffic is low. And if it's no bringing quality traffic wheel business, I don't see any reason why I should go for it. So as council see the buckling as a few. if you should be like know, see ADR is in the range of 20 to 70 and you view likely as a 5 to 10 backlinks you me on the first page of Google probably and then once also. let's keep scrolling. 

So that's for the traffic. So now for the keyword's column, these those are the keywords. This page is ranking four. That's the kind of see we have the highest. He is like 6 to 7. I click on this; I want to see more of the keywords. the trick of targeting gets not excuse. I don't think it's the low keywords. Don't get to that if it's on your parent keyboard. Our best cleaning parent keywords in my next video and I'll drop the link and it is crucial for you to see I was going to see all these keywords, my competition keywords, it's all going to have high CPC and so on. 

The traffic and interview look what we saw is still good. If it's good for your business, it's also good as well. So let's go back. Let's go back. I'm. Okay. guys, since keyword research is the wide topic, this is the part one of the serious of keyword research

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