What Are Backlinks and Why are They Important in SEO

 What Are Backlinks and Why are They Important in SEO

Hey guys, and welcome to today's articles. Today you'll be learning what backlinks are and why they are so important.

 So if you're ready, let's go. Okay. So welcome again. To get started, obviously play what backlinks are and importance. So let's start with what our backlinks. Backlinks are links from one of website websites to your website or links from your websites to another website. Okay for example, if this is a page on your website, you can add external links from other sites on this page and then send them a link. By doing so, you are giving them back link. Okay. So now to go pratico. This is my forum guys. The Koji forum dot com. Okay. 

I say wordpress large bloggers forum. There are lots of topics and lots of trends they can go through, and you learn a lot from it. So let me try building a link backlink to my YouTube channel. This is like a perfect example for those that don't know to build links or build backlinks.  I'll be creating this stuff. You guys subscribe to my journal.

You can do this thing for your blog or websites. You'll see the same process. typing in your is the link. Okay, so then go back to youtube out there. Copy this URL, go back to my forum. I actually paste the URL just like that. While be using an anchor text to cover of the link. Anchor text is the clickable pics in the hyperlink, so the hide the link on dates. So then puts the URL piece. Okay.  basically this is how to build backlinks or the site. And if what I would say is also building backlinks to your site, this is how you do it. 

you're going to click the link. The link is clickable. click on Add Topic. And wait for it to load.  I see this is the code reform that came with the WordPress Large Bloggers Forum. You can trust it to join the links in the description. Thanks and thanks. So finally. Let's see. Exciting to see. The link is clickable. Let me click on it. As you can see, to redirect me back to my YouTube channel. This means that I'm giving you to a backlink. 

I use one backlink, so this is how to give backlinks to other sites and you also add us as council. I do this in my give you backlinks. Internal links are links from a page on your website to another page on the same websites. Okay. So if this is your page on your website, for example, you are not inserting links and then send those links to another page on these same websites. 

So now let's take an example to understand better. This is the Coogee Forum. That's my forum. That's cool. So now they click on these three days how to bypass one without using VPN. This is great. Posted by a member and screwed up. That's not text, that is the member posted. So what I would do is the owner copy this. Yahoo. 

So screw. Okay. Need to then copy the URL or the link copy. Then go to under pete as I go to another page on my sites and impose this all in. Sam puts in a reply to this trade. I'll see how to bypass Twitter ban using VPN. So what I'll do now and incompetent and click on link. They impose the URL on this section. This is an example of how to build internet links on your sites. I'll click on. Okay. So what can I do to redirect users from a particular page on your own site to another page on the same sites? Click on it and that's going to see still on the same page. 

Okay. So it's a well-known fact that's if you want your pages or your new articles to be discovered fast about search engines, you will need to link it to popular pages or pages Google Books already know about. So if you have a backlink from a popular site, for example, Google spiders or Google Crawlers, we could be popular pieces. And if your link is please they will be cruel. Yours to an index. Your new article first. Okay. 

So it's well known among issues that there is a correlation between backlinks rankings. That is, the more quality backlinks you have, the more your chances of ranking as well. So then click on the link, type in this keyword and ask keyword it at the difficulty score of 96. And I'm using issues prominence, which keeps you wondering what's the music? 

So as you can see, look at this, a piece that's ranking over million backlinks and cardio. 

There's thousands of thousands upon thousands of backlinks. So the idea is that we have quality backlinks built on you page. You tend to rank 1012 the chances of ranking more compared to those that don't have backlinks. Okay so honor that great importance of building links or this one backlinks saying things that give you fairer traffic to screen for our traffic more. This is the could you follow I was going to say of organic traffic of it seen. 

So when I click on it topic is to see where my traffic is going for. So for example is still panel about six traffic, so click on it. What this means is that fashion, any link on this page about this, he put the landing on it and there's a probability at least two or three or four. Then we click on that link. If it has relevance to what I'm typing on this page. So little does your seats, guys. 

So I want to thank you very much for watching this video in the coming weeks of your uploading videos on backlinks like keyword research. So please, if not subscribe to it, please subscribe. And thanks again for watching. Thank you. 

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