How to activate your AdSense account in 2023

 How to activate your AdSense account in 2023

As you can see, there are ads already running on my Fuller. That is called Fulham dot com, which is a bloggers forum for all. This is part two of this series and I'll be showing you how to activate your ad sales accounts. if you're ready, let's go. After creating your scenes accounts, you need to activate it so you can issue ads on your site and in money. We have different tasks to perform on our AdSense dashboard. 

This can be done in any order you wish to help you tax, add your websites, enter your payment information, see how ads look on your sites, connect your sites to AdSense. we are going to start by adding your site. This is simply done by clicking the button for add sites. You will now be filling the box with your site URL and then click see.  since I've already done this with my full money group, it's in the process. 

the next stage in Activating Your Sins account is to enter your payment information. This could still be a detail to do.  to get started, you will choose which account type you want, whether you go for the individual or business account. There are no major differences between both. I think the major difference has to do with the punitive meaning, the excuse a sin, the false two.  inside your form, exactly as it appears on your banking information into your home or post office address.  Google can be able to send you people to verify your address, provide your phone number, your symbol, which simply means an area of homes outside of this city. 

if you are living in Lagos, for example, you could be living in Victoria Island and your symbol will be Yaba where you are going. Simply click submit. And these are taxpayer. You click on Explore. If you've not added your site, you need to bring up this popup for you to do so. since I've already added ads on my forum, let me just show you how ads look like for those who don't know yet. As you can see, your eyes really running on my food. 

That is the curriculum, not consciously blogger school for all. these are these are as look like. the last they used to click on Let's Go.  if you cannot attend your site here, you can simply do so? 

Yes. Will if persons can't activate your account to send you an email to explain why and what steps you can take to address the issues. 

This normally takes a few days or at most two weeks for you to complete. Thanks for watching guys. You can check on the next video. Teaches you how to solve new value content for news. This is news issue. Access to senior debt. 

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