How To Unblock a Website URL on Facebook in 2023 3 Easy Methods

How To Unblock a Website URL on Facebook in 2023 3 Easy Methods

Hey, guys, and welcome to Approval and SEO tips. Today I'll be posting three easy ways you can use to unblock your domain from Facebook You are real from Facebook. So, let's go. you are willing to test to know if you are actually blocked by any sudden interest in this scenario. Click on post. the next message that comes up is this your URL goes against our community standards on spam. you then go to a Facebook community standard speed. They then look at the rules and guidelines on how to post a link on Facebook.

this is actually important for you to know you're screwed and look at all the guidelines and checks, so you won't be making mistakes over and over again. So over, you know, we have the violence and criminal behavior. There's an article and it's violence on all that stuff. I recommend you go to the Community Standards page, really talk. Okay. you then go to your Google search and type in developer Facebook. Okay. 

you type in share in the blogger that's sharing the book. I click on search, then click on the first results. You've seen this one at the top, then click on it soon. I was sharing the bug Facebook for developers. You then land on this page, then you then type in your blocks. You are real on this search of you. Then click on the bug after taking it. So wide open tuples that come with these friends' domain that was blocked. you click on the book. So, this is misleading folks out and they need to read their community standards. I need this investigation. 

Let them know. from your own as Googlers, try your advice. Not blocked by Facebook.  I'll be I'll be typing in my own forums here that is the Coogle forum dot com it could you follow those going link is in the discrepancy correctly Jane, so I'll click on the bug. As can clearly see the user is not blocked by fakebook yourself. It's on warning signs and does all. I'll scroll down to see this and know that issue. No issue at all. 

So that is it. let's go back to the blocked. You are another true boss zero okayed l already, so I'll click on let us know from you on this page. Then what I'll do is I'll write a brief letter to Facebook. The value passed to you for them to review on. Please block the yellow.  what I would do, I already have received in my proof of it as a letter. 

I click on my profile to get its live out just click on leave these my profile could yeah you got me up on Facebook as well so look at the little you here so allow the nice your copy to actually save this for this video. So that's how it's so easy for me to use copy and paste it's only to read little else for you. Okay, down includes. It's okay and I'll come over to this feature as a piece though piece. It's a.

this the little guys, all you need to do from here is just to change the name, like where you have your domain name, you put your domain name there and on only if you're you see my name, you then use the only. The letter is in the description below. So all you need to do is use the downloads copy on PS, then change the names that was on this link consent. Okay, so then click on okay. And as also this method is actually good. What's the other between? 

Second task is what is just one out of three Todo always it's contacts Facebook. So. This is the this is the second method in this method of measuring how to use the Facebook business help for mentors. You go to Google you are typing Facebook dot com it's a large business. Let's help. So then click on the first results. You are having it as this when I'm clicking, you click on it and wait for it to load as it loosely then shows you the homepage. 

for me, it can really create an ad and order source from the menu you have here. So then scroll down to this please to have get started. You must have these books and if none of these works in this method don't work.  you have to click on Get Started and this book is only available for order account accounts with ADD accounts. from here on out, click on policy and account security. Now look, I don't option just click on your policy on account security. I'm actually recording this video late at night. I'm thinking everyone was sleeping. Who? 

You have a chat button, which is what's your voice on email? you emailed them. That was the first thing. I'll be clicking my money on that email or supporting each other button I can directly chat with. Normally work from 9 to 5, nice 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. so then click on the emails opposing my study. Same thing. Just that it's unlistenable basically in your area. Or if you don't get your message and you'll be blocked on. Blocked, sorry. So then put in my name, my phone number, email addresses and everything that you put in my name, my phone number to fill it in. I continue the ideas on how old is your relationship to this business? 

You see, I own this business. Indeed, that's one of the dances. Then you sit down, and this is what is your question about? You, see? Okay. You then go down. So please briefly describe the title of your requests for writing and account issues. And that's although it puts it over there. Then this please, please let us know how you can see. I run a lot of ads for a lot of companies. So how using the excuse of I would like to run as so my site sports my URL is blocked so we went off as well. 

They also run ads on your sites, and you go to you in these blocks because you are giving them one new thing to respond to you quick because every money is involved.  an input in my fees I'll put in the meaning. Okay, this leads me on the meaning. this please you see, your dominion is actually you are splitting your own personal domain in some cases I'm hoping out your friend to I'm blocking SEO, so we put in is the meaning instead of the meaning you have it puts in this woman is she'll boss dot com. 

I'll also be showing you proof that I actually blocked this down and click on requests so puts some of that clicking looking quizzical to have this what's in the next click on. Okay. Okay. So since everything is working perfectly so now I should be expecting as we expecting an email from Facebook has Facebook concierge team no support team calling in that's difficult to my message that's how I do contact when it's on some blog so let's go to my Jimmy like to see to confirm that the message actually came through okay so it's loading okay also unless can clearly see okay click on it's a scan close to the it's then I've gotten to this level after with you in the morning to check. we'll move to the next method. Okay. 

mentor three we use the Facebook business supports method. from yet on, what you do is that you go to your Facebook profile, Facebook search, then search for Facebook business supports. I see this is the way a Facebook business of 14 and click on this. Make sure you type in Facebook business say those who need it and we and must be Facebook with must be this one with the blue verified and then click on its Facebook business support. this can see there are no posts at all on this be. You might be thinking me that inactive. 

Not on to your message.  I'll be clicking. I'll be hitting on messenger messaging like we normally see in VM.  people. So that's the kind of clear links of burning, lots of unblocking with them. And they've helped me a lot. what you do here is you will let them know that you're you are really is blocked and you won't run ads, then they can look it for you. Also, you must also have even the find account because it asks for and the people. 

I guess you of your other comes with the number.  I'll be showing you the proof now. Actually, I'm blocked by friends here. Okay. If you've landed on this particular section of the video, I want to say thank you for watching. Please, if you can subscribe to it, please subscribe. Click on the notification below to gain insight for new videos. Okay.  as you can clearly see, the journal is now unblocked. 

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