How To Verify Your Domain on Facebook DNS Verification Method 2023

 How To Verify Your Domain on Facebook DNS Verification Method 2023

Welcome guys to this article. Today we're teaching you how to verify your domain using the DNS verification method. if you're ready, let's go. Okay, so the first thing you do is that you go to Google Search or your browser and then typing business dot Facebook dot com. His business the Facebook dot com. Then click on to source, click on social media, click on the search. Okay, so you net loads of. Then click on the first resort that is business manager overview and then wait for its load ticket second to load. Okay. 

So now this is your business manager page on Facebook. If you don't have one, you can simply register using the business dot Facebook dot com link in the description. And you then scroll down, look for this option known as in business settings. Click on it then with full to load as well. this includes should take a second. You then land on the business settings page that is in this one where you scroll down a little and then look for an option as the brand CV. It then clicks on domains online in the browser, so click on the music and click on and then you add your dominion over this tutorial. 

Adding the Coogle Forum dot com is the WordPress large blogger's forum, and the link is in the description if you want to join. Okay. as you can see the domain, as we added and is verified, they actually solidified the mean on Facebook. The meta tag is million DNS verification for this. Are we doing the DNS verification for the that tag on the timer for you don't the videos the links in the description so for idea this list. 

No these are copied copy that is this cryptologist Facebook badge to mean that verification on those numbers video competes copied to clipboard. I then go to my browser and in search for my domain names last by now you are going to search for your own domain name slash to see panel then click on enter with full to load so is going through direct you to your C panel accounts. you put in your username and password and click on log in. 

from your own 1000 nice I was crudo on I then for the S.A. domains, so they screwed our lead little.  what I'm looking for is actually a section that I easily where the means then click on the domain section you can do the middle option Netherlands on this page without the next.  click on Manage, Click Manage. Okay, so then scroll down from here and I will then click on modify these zones as I want to read you. Then you will then land on your zone editor So what I'll do is click on Add record. 

This option name pops out, you then put in your domain name so we put in could you for the equivalent of go next my meaning for the type of puts text. Then for the record, I will piece that code I copied for physical copy and click on and record. Okay. Does added to check. If it says I do it, I will do so. Scroll down and then look for it now to go back to Facebook. what I'll do is for me as I click on Verify should take a second and as guys it has already been verified. Then switching guys please. If not subscribed yet, please subscribe for more videos.

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